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Speech Topics:

Our passion is integrating the diverse systems of technology, psychology, behavior science, analytics/statistics and business results.   Professional conferences are one of the few places where there is a high level of dialogue about the trends and strategies that affect digital business in the world today.

Even Gartner in their May 2011 CRM report pointed out that psychographics (behavior and personality) was becoming the new trend over demographics as the next evolution in CRM technology.

Our research, analysis and work with multiple clients over the last several years shows the power and value of behavior insight analytics: the movement to understand how each customer thinks.

This is not about saying “most of your clients are x”, but instead utilizing technology to understand and leverage the differences in each person to focus on “this client needs x”.

Those who attend our speeches will learn how consumer and behavior insight analysis reveals the truth for 5 myths in the sales and marketing world.  Specifically, what techniques and actions the attendees can take and use immediately in their business and marketing based on these insights.  How they can use analysis of their customers to provide greater understanding to leverage the power of their customer data.


Recent Appearances:

International Conference for the Association of Psychological Type.  San Francisco, Aug 2011.  “Shattering the Looking Glass: Changing the paradigm of sales and marketing through Type”

Sacramento Chapter for the Association of Psychological Type.  Sacramento, Oct 2011.  “Sales, Marketing and Persuasion:  Putting Customer Insights to Work”

Multiple occasions.  Full Sail guest speaker.  2011-2012.  “Market Customer Research Psychology.”

Multiple occasions.  Full Sail guest speaker.  2011-2012.  “Personality Psychology for Customers and the Workplace.”

Barcamp Orlando.  Orlando, April 2012.  “Five Myths of Sales and Marketing”


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