Business Approach

The primary business approach for Step Research is to collaborate.  An internal employee,  outside business, expert, or entrepreneur will have one or more of the following pieces of the puzzle, but not all of them.

  • Software/Technology
  • Behavioral Science
  • Statistics
  • Business

Since the goal is “holistic integration,” it doesn’t matter if the source of the research and development is internal or external.  The process is to determine how Step Research can best leverage its resources, connections, and consultants to help that product succeed and provide value to people.   The key to success is about involving the right people at the right time on the right projects.

This means an individual Step Research product could be a wholly owned product, a subsidiary company, a service collaboration, or a joint venture.

Product Approach

The Step Research CAR model is used when creating any product or service.  All products have at least one core process in each of the three phases and many products have more than one.

The CAR model is simply:

  • Collect
  • Analyze
  • Recommend

This is often experienced as data collection.  It is where we collect all the information that will go through the other  phases.  This can be a variety of methods often including direct surveys or assessments.  Step Research frequently goes well beyond that to behavior patterns, email and writing analysis, time factor biases when taking an assessment and any other method that fits the product, industry and customers.

Sometimes also experienced as the “insight” phase.  This is the phase where all the data is used in proprietary statistics, algorithms and pattern analysis to develop a better view and understanding of what is happening.  In many cases there is a complex data integration that involves business or people processes and not just data.  This is one of the key processes of Step Research to take “fuzzy” qualitative information and transform it into “hard” quantitative measures.


This is the critical area where all this data and analysis finally comes back to the real world as action.  This is one of the elements that often makes Step Research products different from other products.  We have a focus on making sure that out of all this data and analysis, a decision and change is made.  If some kind of action, a change in behavior, or a change in the world does not occur, then we have failed.  In the world of business intelligence (data reporting and executive dashboards) many times there is nothing in the Recommend section, no action that comes out of the reports and all that effort was wasted.

How the CAR model works:

These three phases are actually a loop.  Once we are done going through all three phases, we take the new information and feed back into the cycle to collect more data.  In this way, Step Research products are continuously being refined and improved.

In our experience, many products fail because they don’t properly take into account all three of these sections.  Like a three legged stool, it is not stable without all three legs.  A Step Research project needs all three of these processes working well to succeed.