Team Communications: Once you see it, you get it.


Building a winning organization starts with being able to see the differences in people using Team Builder.

Every team member has patterns of behavior that are normal and natural for that individual. By having the right balance of strengths you can improve productivity and effectiveness of the entire team. Issues arise when these patterns are significantly different between team members and the team members don’t realize it. Research has shown that teams with greater differences in behavior patterns make better decisions.

Step Research can consult with your team to identify each member’s behavior patterns through assessments and best-fit counseling, and explain how each member’s natural patterns affect their interactions and their decision-making.

Our team analysis will show how changes in the team makeup–when the team membership change–has affected the interaction within the team and by others inside and outside the company.

A well-planned consultation can eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming reallocations of jobs and responsibilities, without being a threat to any member of the team. All of our consulting is done with positive psychology in mind, identifying strong skills, encouraging their use, and being aware of how strong skills differ between people.

The result will be clearer communication and decision-making, and  improved understanding of what each person brings to the table and how they bring it,  resulting in a higher performing team.

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