Creators of Visual Type

Step Research developed Visual Type, a visual model of Carl Jung’s Psychological Types showing that each person uses all eight behaviors.

Visualization makes it easier to understand how individuals and groups most naturally make decisions and behave. This helps individuals with self awareness and helps others understand what they can expect from the individual.

This can be particularly helpful when comparing an individual’s Visual Type to a group’s Visual Type to determine if the individual can help fill gaps or deficits in the group’s natural go-to behaviors.

In the example below of INTP, the largest box is the dominant go-to behavior and the second largest box is the supporting go-to behavior. Visual Type provides a visual guide to the predictive use and accessibility of each behavior and an instantly recognizable way to see differences between people.

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 Now – Look to the present and immediate needs and explore what is currently available

 Stabilize – Look to the past, traditions and what worked and focus on consistency

 Invent – Look to the new and different ideas and explore many possibilities

 Connect – Look to how things connect, the future and predict possible outcomes

 Execute – Decide based on measurable goals and drive towards objectives

 Analyze – Decide based on logically correct or incorrect and evaluate the best approach

 Consideration – Decide based on people’s needs and empathize with others

 Value – Decide based on ethically right or wrong and sync with individual values

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