Improve Performance When Hiring and Coaching High-Value Athletes

Step Research creates web apps that identify behavior patterns prior to high-value hiring and helps coaches manage professional athletes effectively through on-going use of behavior pattern data and comparisons at the individual, position and team levels.

Our people analytics software is behind:

  •, the TAP behavior assessment for the NFL draft and MLB teams. Now available for college and high school teams.





Smart About Relationships

PageLines- smartaboutrelationships-s.jpgUsing Step Research technology and the best of psychology and behavior science to help people improve what studies tell us is the most important factor in our happiness: the relationships in our lives.  And what better place to start than with what many consider the most critical keystone to lifelong happiness, our romantic relationships.

Smarter About People (LABS)

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Our test labs, always free, where we explore what can be possible when integrating psychology, software and statistics.

Every person in the world can gain greater insight in their own behavior patterns and those of others. Step Research creates web apps anyone can use to discover, learn and use to enhance self-development, communications, and relationships.

Our people analytics software is behind:

  • –
    where you can discover your cognitive Superpower, manage and store behavior insights, always free
  • iFitnessWise –PageLines- ifwowlheadwithbordersmall1.png
    iFitnessWise is a new project focusing on helping people align their exercise and diet plans with their personality and behavioral patterns. Too many people try an exercise program that works well for someone else because they think it might work for them. What if the guesswork could be taken out of trying to find your perfect exercise program? Knowing what wouldn’t work for you and more importantly, what will work for you makes it faster for you to get your body where you want it to be.