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Self-Aware Student

For schools, educators and students over age 13 at Pay-What-You-Can. Provides school customization and individual student options. Includes At-School, In-Life and In-Career support.

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Self-Awareness Experts

For counselors, consultants and coaches to use with their individual and team clients. Provides branding and client process customization. Includes team and group dynamics analysis.

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Personality Wizard

For individuals who are pursuing self-discovery and self-development. Provides an industry leading online best-fit self-discovery process available to everyone for free. Supporter status provides many additional self-discovery activities and report chapters from more than a dozen of top authors.

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Attorney Assessment

For those in pre-law, law schools and the law profession. Provides a specialized satisfaction score for both specific practice areas and law settings. Includes support for both success at school and as a lawyer.

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Romantic Relationships

A forthcoming product for those in romantic relationships, marriage counselors and relationship therapists. Provides specific advice for two people both as individuals and together as a unique relationship combination. Includes physical components like a refrigerator magnet with what each person can do for the other.

Startup Psychology

A forthcoming product for startups, entrepreneurial teams, and companies crafting their culture. Provides powerful tools for leader self-awareness that are free for most startups when they have the least amount of funding. Includes structured team and culture-building processes and tools.


A forthcoming product for non-profits, both the members of the non-profit and the individuals they serve. Provides branding and customization options to fit a variety of non-profit situations at a price determined by the executive director’s salary. Includes career development and counseling tools for non-profits that are helping individuals.

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