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Your Organization’s Name
Your Organization’s Logo
Earn 5% Commission on the Clients You Bring To Us


Easy and Accurate Activities
Get To Know Our Best-Fit Activities
What Comes After the Best-Fit Activities
The Best-Fit Verification Activity


The Power of the Report Builder
Access to Multiple Authors
Multiple Models and Methods


What Is the Expert Consistency Report
The Report Annotator – Mark Up the Reports


  Simple Navigation and Mobile Friendly
  Extensive Help and Documentation

Control Your Branding & Be Remembered

Your Organization’s Name

All reports and activities will display your chosen name. We also ensure your name displays on your invitation page.

Your Organization’s Logo

All your reports display your logo in the upper right. And not to worry, you can update your logo at any time.

We Pay 5% Ongoing

We keep track of the clients and other experts that you bring us.

You can bring a company to us, train them and get them up to speed.  You can be confident that even when they’re ready to move on without needing you – we always keep track of that and continue providing a commission to you.

Amazing Activities for Exploring Best-Fit

Send easy, entertaining, and accurate activities

High Accuracy from Multiple Activity Types – Our wizards and assessments feature many different types activities to make the digital best-fit more accurate as well as entertaining to complete.

Get to Know Our Best-Fit Activities

Using our best-fit activities, your clients will go through a process that will help them identify their own unique fit across a variety of different models. You have the power to define the introduction before they get started.

We have 8 different kinds of activities, which allows increased engagement, and ensure your clients get to a higher accuracy in the best-fit process.

Helping Your Clients Know What Comes Next

High Accuracy from Multiple Activity Types – Our wizards and assessments feature many different types activities to make the digital best-fit more accurate as well as entertaining to complete.

Verification Activity Report

Our unique digital verification process allows your client to easily view their top 5 patterns based on their recently completed best-fit activities.

Once they’ve reviewed their top patterns, they can select which one is MOST them, and continue onto reviewing other reports you’ve granted them.

View Sample Report

Completely Customize and Create Reports

Digital Report Builder

Every report can have its introduction customized completely.

Every report can have the report sections you decide.

Every report can have its order of report sections altered.

Every reports title and description can be defined by you.

View Sample Client Report

View Sample Expert Report

Multiple Authors

We scour the world and different fields of science to find the best of psychology, education, sociology, counseling and other behavioral sciences to find what will work best for everyone.

Meet Your Authors

Multiple Models To Use Together or Separately

Different psychological, educational, sociological, economic, and other models are best used in different situations. They each have different advantages.

There are significant statistical and scientific advantages to using multiple models and methods.

Examples of some of the psychological models we work with and support to some extent:

  • Jungian cognitive functions
  • Myers-Briggs four-letter type
  • Temperament
  • Essential Motivators
  • DiSC
  • Interaction Styles
  • True Colors
  • Social Styles
  • Thomas-Kilman Conflict Model
  • Five-Factor Model or Big-Five
  • Enneagram
  • Five Love Languages

Engage and Explore with Clients

Expert Consistency Report

One of the most powerful tools in our toolkit, to help experts working with their clients.

When going through a best-fit process with your clients, you can use this to help find where their real fit is, across different models.

Look at all the activities a client did, and discover the unique choices they made. See how your client ranks across all of the model.

View Sample Report

Discover the Joy of the Report Annotator

We are so excited to provide the Report Annotator to our experts.

This is taking the power of a printed report, and putting into your hands digitally.

Watch the video to get a complete picture of how powerful this truly is.

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

This video is a quick walkthrough of the Step Research platform, giving a simple overview of how to get around, and what each part is there for.

Get started quickly, and know that you can get to almost everything you need, in two clicks!

Mobile Friendly

Our modern and mobile friendly layout and user experience allow for easy accessibility, from any device anywhere in the world. Our reports and activity experience has been design ‘mobile-first’ to ensure it is simple to use, no matter what screen size your client accesses it from.

Extensive Help and Documentation

With a contact form and phone number accessible from every page in our site, and 24/7 detailed documentation – you can rest easy that your clients will get the help when they need it.

View Documentation

Get Started with 10 Clients for $100

One Price Per Person

Our philosophy to pricing is that it’s about people.

One Price Per Person.

Just like you buy a book and give it to someone, and they have it forever. That’s how our reports granted to your clients work.

They get a digital report, they have access to that report forever online.

Why 10 for $100?

We want it to be easy for you to get started, and use it with multiple clients.

After you’ve had the opportunity to use it a few times, you’ll truly understand how much our platform can improve your process.

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