What You Should Know:

  • $100 for first 10 Clients.
  • You do not pay any ongoing fees to use Self Awareness Experts.
  • You can use the entire library of content available, for all people, as much as you want.
  • You have access to creating Individual Reports and Group Reports.
  • We charge a flat $25 fee per additional person in your organization.
  • We invoice you quarterly for all people added to your organization in that quarter.
  • You do not pay again for a person already in your organization – no matter how many reports you give them.
  • Follow up to request group pricing.

$100 for First 10 Clients

Per Person Pricing

  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Wizards & Activities
  • Individual & Group Reports
  • Custom Organization Branding
  • Pay Once, Have Individual Reports Forever
  • Invoiced Quarterly

Accept Invitation and Register Your Organization

Fill out the form below, including the name of the expert that invited you to use the Step Research Platform, and we will verify your invite and set up your organization to be ready to use the Step Research Platform with your own clients.

    We need the email address you already registered with Step Research or Self Awareness Experts when you created your account. If you haven’t created an account, you can do so here.

    This is the name for your organization that will show up on the reports. If you are a solo practice, it is fine if your organization name is just your name. Example: ABC Consulting

    Pick a word or code that represents your organization, no spaces. This is used in the link you send to invite others to join your organization, such as when you want a client to take a wizard. Example: SAEinvited

    You can add this later yourself if you wish. This is seen on all reports provided by your organization in Self Awareness Experts. 2MB max file size.

    Step Research and Self Awareness Experts is an invite-only service. Please put the name of the fellow expert that invited you!

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