How to Participate in Research

Are you fascinated by the study of people and looking for a way to participate in research that helps people interact with each other?

If you are already using one our Products and love the benefits, or you’re just curious, take a look at the options below.

  • Professor, PhD or doctoral student
  • Non-profit organization
  • Organization looking to make donations
  • Expert who would like to consult
  • Entrepreneur looking to create business
  • Suggest an idea or opportunity
  • An individual who would like to help with research

Are you a a Professor or Doctoral Student?

Are you looking for assistance with or to start a research project in the fields of behavior sciences or statistics including psychology, sociology, neuroscience, anthropology, personality, economics, political science, customer research, user experience and communication studies? If you answered yes, then partnering with Step Research Corporation may be good for all parties.

  • Step Research frequently has existing research and projects that could be completed or written up for doctoral papers or scientific journals.
  • Step Research can provide software, technical assistance and additional expert advise for research projects that align with our mission.
  • We can help you build connections to other experts and businesses that can use your experience and skill sets.

Are you a Non-Profit that could benefit from one our products or services?

While Step Research occasionally donates money directly to a non-profit, we much prefer to provide services through our products where we feel we can provide the most value. If you see one of our existing services that you feel would work well for your company, we would be happy to consider you for a service donation. In a few cases, we have also partnered directly with an organization to help them create a custom product directly for their use. Please send us an email explaining your situation, your organization, and how you think we might be able to assist you.

Are you a company or organization looking to donate money or services to deserving projects?

Are you looking to assist projects that will benefit people and are not sure where to look or do not want to waste lots of time getting a good fit?

Step Research is contacted by non-profits and individuals looking for help and we weed out the inappropriate projects to focus on the right opportunity to provide assistance. If you are interested in donating money or services in kind, then please contact us about current opportunities.

Are you an expert looking to do consulting and help other people?

For many Step Research products we provide a service or consulting component. If you are a full-time consultant or just someone who wants to use their expertise to do consulting on the side, then there might be a Step Research client that needs your services. If you have expertise in any of the specialty areas, then we can often find clients who are willing to pay for your guidance and advice. Let us know your level of expertise, areas of preference, credibility, and availability. We will follow up to interview and explore if Step Research is a good fit.

Are you an entrepreneur or have the entrepreneurial spirit?

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit and are passionate about the areas that Step Research develops products? Are you looking for a joint venture partner to help you achieve your dreams and build a business that delivers real value to the people you serve? Each year, Step Research invests and partners with several promising entrepreneurs. Take a look at our Business Approach and if you feel like Step Research is a good fit, contact us about business development.

Suggest an Opportunity/Product/Research

We are always looking for good ideas! If you see a need or an opportunity that relates to our mission, then we would be thrilled to hear all about it. We welcome suggestions regarding our existing products and future products.

Are you an individual who wants to help with research?

Are you personally fascinated by the study of people? Are you curious to know more about yourself? Are you passionate about self-development? Do you like knowing how to talk to the people in your life better? Are you interested in assisting research intended to benefit society? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may enjoy helping us beta test new research and projects.

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