Here at Step Research, we believe our own personal privacy and choice is critically important, so we extend that same consideration to our customers and users.

In fact, we believe it so strongly we felt it was critical to weave our belief into the fabric of the company and into the legal policies we follow.

Step Research Corporation is a Benefit Corporation registered with the state of Virginia.

What is a Benefit Corporation? A Benefit Corporation is a new type of corporation that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. We are committed to holding ourselves to higher legal accountability standards. We have comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards. By making our company transparent, anyone can access the data about the social and environmental practices about our company. This makes it easier to tell the difference between a good company and good marketing. As a Benefit Corporation, Step Research is required to make decisions that are good for society, not just our shareholders. For more information about Benefit Corporations and B Corporation Certifications, we recommend you go to for a good overview and more details.

In other words, we will not sell your personal data for a “buck”. In fact, we can’t.

When you take an assessment, survey, or quiz from our customers, partner companies, or researchers you are only giving them permission to see the data from that single instance. They only can see that specific slice of information you gave them. We do not share any other data that you choose to share with us to these companies. The only person who can see all the information that we have about you and your unique behavioral identity is you and the people you specifically grant access to see that side of you.

You choose who sees what side of you.

Since “Helping people help others” is our core mission, we encourage you to share more information with more people so that they know better how to interact with you. We believe that the more we treat each person in the unique way that they prefer to be treated, the more we all create a better world. No matter how important our mission is to us, your ability to choose is the higher priority.

Step Research Corporation provides self-awareness software, behavioral and psychological assessments, personality typing and advice to our customer and users. We are committed to protecting the safety and security of our online visitors and are sensitive to our user’s concerns about the safety of personal information provided to us. We encourage all of our users to read the full Privacy Policy carefully in order to understand how any personal information collected about you is used.

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